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2012/02/19 11:53

pyplaydar and some news

Finally I released a version of pyplaydar which is now compatible with tomahawk's resolvers ! Tomahawk's resolvers are mainly in javascript, so I needed to run them thru pyv8. So pyplaydar owns a "playdar's resolver" which is able to call a "javascript tomahawk resolver". This resolver should be compatible with other playdar implementations. Everything is on my github ... It begins to be usable, it can resolve things ;-)

The second big thing : I've bought an android device, my first phone and my first smartphone ;-) What a great device ! I've started to developp apk with kivy (a python framework to make multi-touch app): very easy to use. The only downside is that the apk starts with a minimal size of 6mb, but an app works on major platforms (win/*nix/mac/android/iOS). My android is the perfect device to drive my squeezeboxes too ;-)

A new release of py2deb too ;-), and a new release for jbrout too

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2009/09/05 08:09

Minor release of py2deb

Here is a new release of py2deb. It's a minor release, here is the changelog :

  • now the package install py2deb in the right place for python2.6
  • py2deb accepts pre/post install/remove scripts

Now, I really need to update and release the frontend ... I've got pressure ;-)

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2008/10/14 20:47

Py2deb comes here and 0.4 is out

Py2deb comes on this host, which will be the official website. A new release is out too : the pydeb 0.4, which comes with some minor changes (should be compatible with debian too, and install itself in python2.6 path too). Pages on the old website will forward to here.

The gtk frontend will be released soon too !

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