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2022/08/18 18:21

pyscript + htag + matplotlib : full clientside ... amazing !

Try this demo of htag+matplotlib in clientside only (it's a static html page) ...

It works very well on client-side, thanks pyscript & matplotlib !

It shows, that with htag, you can easily mix powerful py3 libs and powerful JS libs ... (and when py3 libs are ported in pyscript/pyodide, it can works in html only !)

Now, I need to more examples, mixing powerful JS libs (leaflet ?, ace editor ?, camera features ?, ...) with powerful python libs (matplotlib ?, numpy ?, graphviz ? ...). Was htag a missing link between the two, to easily code powerful GUI py3 app ?!?

I need to find an idea, to show well the real benefits of htag ... possibilities are endless, but really need to find a mashup, an idea to code, to show ... any ?

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2022/07/14 18:40

htag is officially public

I've made an announcement on reddit

It's not the 1.0 release. But it's stable ... and works great for me.

I've already got a lot of htag's apps. So it's wildly tested IRL. Now, it's public, and it will start its real life ;-)

The 14 july is a good date, for france ;-)

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2022/05/07 11:23

pyscript and htag

Even if you live on another planet ... you can't miss pyscript ;-)

It's the most incredible thing which has happened in the last few years, in the python or javascript world ... (to my point of vue)

The promise is very high : just run any python code in a html page (with just a js include). And you can pip everything that is pip'able ;-)

It opens/unlocks a lot of things, that we can't imagine just now ...

Although, htag is not officially public. I've just pip'ed htag in a pyscript page, just for test ...

And yes : the first public release (coming soon), will come with a 'runner' which will let you code a gui frontend, with htag, in an html page ... There will be a 'runner' for pyscript !!!

It's clearly not the goal/promise of htag ... But it will be possible, from scratch ;-). I don't know if it will be useful : but a htag component (with the same codebase), which can already be used in a browser/web, a desktop app (pywebview) or a android app (guy instance) ... and can be runned in an simple html page, without any python/backside ?! It's completly crazy ...

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