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2019/11/16 11:03

guy is out & glitch is marvelous

Just a post to announce the guy's release! on Guy's Github and on Guy's Pypi

BTW guy's working very well on !

I'm in love with, which is the perfect platform for all my tests ;-) it's my new playground ;-)

Just migrate the Guy's Docs, the Reqman's Docs. And installed a reqman's online showcase (which is a guy's app, using vbuild, and serving python's vuejs components)

My atomic bombers remake is available too (in progress)

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2019/09/09 19:09

reqman2 is out

Reqman2 is out on pypi, Reqman2 is out on github !

The old one : reqman1 is dead ;-)

But the V2 is fully compatible with reqman1 conf/yml !

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2019/08/16 19:05

reqman2 & guy

I've recoded reqman from scratch. No new features ;-) Just a complete rewrite. It's now more readable and maintenable. It was needed, because I would like to add more features : and theses features were too hard to implement in 1.X version. The V2 is not released yet : but soon (need tests!!) !

wuy is dead, replaced by guy. The name is better ;-) It's a full rewrite too ;-). But focused on app-mode only. It's more robust, and fix the flaws of wuy. The major new feature is : android compatibility ! The same guy's app source works on windows, linux, mac & android (perhaps iOS one day), without changing a bit ! It's 95% compatible with wuy's app, just need to rename wuy to guy ;-). Like reqman, nothing is released yet ... but soon.

Regarding android compatibility : in fact, it run the client side in a webview, embedded in a kivy/python app. The serverside is pure python3, with tornado/asyncio inside. And released in a apk, with buildozer. It works great. Thanks minipy for giving me the way to do that ;-)

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2019/03/07 21:41

pew & pytest are marvelous

Regarding my last post, there are 2 new tools that I use and abuse ;-)

I like virtualenv, I used it sometimes ... but pew fits better my needs. I really like the features, and found it a lot more useful; I can create envs to share with multiple projects. It's exactly the kind of tool you can't stop to use after using it ;-)

My current python stack, under my ubuntu, is completely broken (due to mixing apt-get/pip). Pew helps me to create clean python's env on demands. (But sure, one day; I will try to repair my debian like ;-)

pytest is the second tool I like a lot, and regret not having used it earlier ! It's clearly the way to create/manage tests in a project. I love the fixtures injection, it let us create simple (but powerful) tests, without all the hassle. tests are a lot easier to read, to maintain. Can't be simpler ;-)

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2019/02/24 11:43

Upgraded my python stack

Thanks to sam&max ;-)

I've upgraded my stack, at least for vbuild, but sure: my others projects will follow ;-)

  • poetry for package management
  • pytest for tests
  • tox for automation (tests for me only)
  • black for formatting (pep8)
  • pew to manually manage python env

What a fresh breeze !

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2019/01/02 22:06 quits GAE

If you see that, you are on my new hosting service (thanks !)

After many years on GoogleAppEngine : I leave ;-)

Like I said in the previous post, py3/gae is no more an option. It's a lot more expensive than the py2/gae. This website has a little traffic, and it runned well on py2/gae, under free quotas. Now, in its py3 version, it's more than $40/month ! Don't want to come back to py2 : so no other option than migrate to another hosting provider, with free quotas.

It's done, easily (thanks to pye) ! Just copied/pasted the files, and migrate my db from gcloud datastore to simple yaml files ;-)

BTW, I certainly won't release ibraining (new version) on gae/py3 ... I stop the process. I will need to find another provider too ;-)

EDIT 2019-01-03 : Everythings seems to work, and jbrout has reached its original hosting domain : !

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2019/01/02 18:06

GAE + py3 = top expensive

Happy new year 2019 ...

My new year has made a faulty start ;-) Just got the first fully facture, from Google, for this website !

December 2018 was more than 42$ ... ouchhhhh !

So I will block the facturation, and this site will be available only when under quotas ;-) Sorry for that, but I couldn't spend this each month ;-)

BTW, this site will quit GAE soon, for a cheaper hosting service ;-)

Til that, it will be available randomly, really sorry (but I don't want to put ads to pay the traffic) ;-(

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2018/12/12 21:54

jbrout3, the resurrection

Just released an attempt to port the good old jbrout(py2/gtk) to python3, using wuy.

Here it is : jbrout3

Currently, it's more that a proof of concept (to proove that wuy can handle a "big app"). Hope to reach a v1.0.0 version, next year.

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2018/12/01 09:39

jbrout website is ok

Just updated all the broken links on jbrout's website.

But I must say I'm not working anymore on that (mainly use goole photo ;-( )

I will try to take contact with the official fork, and will update things soon.

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2018/11/30 16:00

Aed to pye, and redys !

A lot of changes since my last post ;-)

First, I found a name for my "aed things" : it will be pye (like PYthon Engine), and because the "E" means "3" too (in leet speak) : it means 3 because it's the third version, and because it's now python3 only. I'll hope to release it next year (but the place is defined here);-)

Secondly, all my aed/pye instances are now running on python3 ! And this site was the last to migrate (a lot of works, because it uses a lot of ndb's apis, which are not availables on "gae python37 second generation" ... so I needed to use gcloud datastore api ;-( ... and here (you can't see them) : there are 3 services to migrate ;-)

BTW, pye with starlette (asgi thing) is great, with web sockets support, long running process, background tasks ... a lot of new things are now available for me (except on GAE, because websockets are not available yet) ... no more bottle, because it's not asyncio ;-( ... But I needed to adapt the starlette's request to the bottle's request, to be compliant with all my instances ;-)

I've made my pixel thing using pye, and websockets, with 4 workers. I needed to communicate between my process workers, to share the "events" (IPC communcations). First version used redis ... but I have created my own redis-like for the occasion : it's named redys, a lot lighter and simpler ;-), it's full python3 asyncio compliant, and works like a charm in asyncio app like starlette or pye ;-)

This is the first post, with pye/python3 ;-)

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