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2018/07/21 14:57

Announcing WUY

WUY like "Web User Ynterface" (Y replace I, assuming that's a python thing, available on pypi ;-)

For now, It's a proof of concept .... but I will try to use it ;-)

It's a tool for quickly create an GUI for a python script, reusing the local browser. Communications between browser and server is thru websockets. It's easy to call the server from the client, and server can talk to clients thru a pub/sub mechanism.

It's a lot like the marvellous eel, but python3 only, using asyncio/aiohttp (without (the devil) gevent !)

I wanted to share it (and my vision of a "perfect" eel) ;-)

It's not production ready ;-), but it works (til now)

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2018/06/27 10:59

Go to python3

Just a post, to mark the day I dive into python3 ;-)

It takes long times, but now ; I'm with it ;-)

reqman was the first !

It was hard to dive into bytes/str(unicode), coming from the str(bytes)/unicode world ... but it's definitivly simpler in all cases ! My main tools are fully support py3 (bottle, app engine, ...)

My "aed" thing will be the next ...

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2018/02/18 15:58

AEd always ...

Always not released on github ;-)

But now ... I'm migrating all my websites under a new version ! And this one, was migrated at that time !

The new version is a bit like AEd, but without the ED(itor) ! I've separated the engine and the editor. Now the editor is simply some files, which can be added or not in the engine. It will be a lot easier to make evolutions on the engine, or on the editor.

It's a little bit the story of the chicken and the egg. Coz now, I can edit the editor, in the editor itself (but can broke it too ;-). So I needed a way to communicate with the engine to re-deploy files (ex:the editor files) on-the-go ;-)

And now, everything is greatly tested with reqman; some tests for the engine, some tests for the editor. It saves me a lot of time, and allowed me to delete the python code dedicated to it. ;-)

But for sure, it's gonna be more complicated to explain what "aed" really is. Nothing the name doesn't make much sense anymore. There is no longer an integrated editor. Perhaps it's the time to find a good name for all these things.

All this makes it possible to have a website editor, available in any browser. The engine manage the distribution/execution of files (on an appengine account or anywhere else) over http. And the editor is the GUI which gives the life to all the thing.

EDIT 27/02/2018 : all my sites use this new thing ... migration was slow, but wanted to be sure to not make an error ;-) ... Special mention to On-The which is the root which is able to resend a fresh/functionnal "ed's app" to the others ;-)

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2018/01/28 19:18

Reqman, the postman killer

reqman aspires to become the postman killer ;-)

Postman is a great tool. It's simple and well done, but it got a lot of flaws (the free version, never used the paid one) ;-).

First of all, you can't work with several people, let alone a source manager. You'll have to pay, to got this cloud feature (?!?). You don't have the headers inheritance. And scripts (pre-requests and tests) are not easy for everyone. And more than 70MB for just testing http requests is demoniac :-)

With python, and 150 lines later : I've created a first shot (not usable as is yet) which can do a little more easily. It has'nt got GUI, you describes your requests and tests as simple yaml files, and you can execute your tests against various environments (yaml config files too) in command line. Simple and functional.

Pure python (except yaml), no dependencies, a simple py file, and unittests included (74% currently).

Need to work on the front : the command line, and need to add examples, and docs !!! : and It will be ready for prime time. Stay tuned here !

Pull request are welcomes. Under GPL2 licence on github.

EDIT : 50 lines later, now it's usable ... docs and examples will come

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2017/10/30 17:04

iBraining is HTTPS ready, yet !

It was very hard to setup it for https, thru the google console ;-)

But now, it works great with https

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2017/09/15 14:48

SSL and pixels

Great News : SSL for custom domains on AppEngine !

Now, this site is on HTTPS ;-)

I planned to migrate it on another hosting service (for ssl capacities), thanks to AED, because it makes it simpler. But I cancel this idea; it will stay on gae !

Here is a new app : wall pixel maker, for smartphones and desktop. It's a multi users online painter ! It's fun for many people, and for kids, to be able to paint online (it use websockets (not on gae ;-( ).

My next websocket thing will be for Atomic Bombers.

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2017/07/12 21:04


After migration of all my websites (except ibraining) to Aed ...

After migration of my NAS to Aed (with a letsencrypt SSL certificate behind a nginx in reverse proxy.

I'm migrating this website under AED : it's clearly finished (this post is posted thru this website running under AED ... it's a test ;-)). But I need to do more tests ;-) (and jbrout/abombers subdomains need more work ;-( ).

I've found some bugs on AED (need to fix them); it was not easy to migrate this !

But it's definitively a big change ! AEWeb is dying, tempita still work under AED, and some things won't be migrated (my xmpp's bot, my appjet editor, but they were not public).

It's time for rationalization !

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2017/06/14 16:06

my editor "in-the" is dead

All my main websites (except this one, ibraining & subdomains) have been migrated to my new AppEngine Editor, codename "Aed" (like ahead). The "In-the" editor is dead. But the new one is far far far better ; logic, it's the second iteration. And I always plan to release the sources on github (need some work yet).

scratch-me a pwa for scratching, cave-pilot a pwa game, in-the for my app tests, on-the for aed's dev & units tests & tmanatlan for my finished websites.

It's pretty cool to be able to modify them thru a simple browser, anywhere in the world ;-)

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2017/05/31 18:24

No more angular ... Vuejs is better ;-)

Vuejs is really good. The more I practice, the more I like. It comes with the best features of riotJS : lightweight, speed, easy to start .. and brings better : great robustness, better ecosystem, two ways binding, event modifiers. With riotjs, you can quickly create things that can be un-maintainable (if you don't respect a guideline, because there are many ways to do a same thing ! (with great power comes great responsibility)). Vuejs is less magic, but come with a good and simple frame (I like props, data, computed, watch, methods compartments) ...

In fact, I've completely rewritten My Web Editor with VueJS ... and I plan to release it on github (need some rewriting).

Today, I've migrated all tmanatlan's things under this new web editor, here (but nothings is publically available now, but you can if you know the urls ;-) ) ! Now I can edit all theses things with the embedded web editor, just need a browser ;-)

VueJS is really robust, and apps are easier to maintain ! AngularJS will not be my main choice for quality products. The vuejs ecosystem is enough ! I will continue to use riotjs for specifics things, but VueJS will become my main tool !

EDIT: scratch-me was migrated too ;-) ... Only boy doesn't work (but like yesterday ;-)... will correct soon ;-)

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2017/05/08 15:40

VueJS is fun !

VueJS is fun ! It's what angular2 should be ! It takes the good ideas from angular1 and react. It's nearly the perfect framework ! And there is a nearly perfect material design UI : Vue material (not as good as material angular)

I've made a front end for my recalbox libs, which is speedier than my old one (which was in pure js ;-)

I like it, but not more than riotjs3 and its router tag. It miss single file component ! In fact, it exists (.vue), but only with nodejs/browserify ;-(.

But I will consider it for my next things, when I need a material UI (in place of angular1). Coz there aren't any good UI libs for riotjs. And VueJS is a more robust than riotjs/

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