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back 2019/08/16 19:05

reqman2 & guy

I've recoded reqman from scratch. No new features ;-) Just a complete rewrite. It's now more readable and maintenable. It was needed, because I would like to add more features : and theses features were too hard to implement in 1.X version. The V2 is not released yet : but soon (need tests!!) !

wuy is dead, replaced by guy. The name is better ;-) It's a full rewrite too ;-). But focused on app-mode only. It's more robust, and fix the flaws of wuy. The major new feature is : android compatibility ! The same guy's app source works on windows, linux, mac & android (perhaps iOS one day), without changing a bit ! It's 95% compatible with wuy's app, just need to rename wuy to guy ;-). Like reqman, nothing is released yet ... but soon.

Regarding android compatibility : in fact, it run the client side in a webview, embedded in a kivy/python app. The serverside is pure python3, with tornado/asyncio inside. And released in a apk, with buildozer. It works great. Thanks minipy for giving me the way to do that ;-)

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