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Last edition : 2018/11/30 17:06

Theses are old projects ... currently I work on theses

Apps :

  • jBrout is a program to manage your pictures in a standard way (exif/iptc/...). It's cross platform. (new dev web site for 0.3)
  • Fricorder, a PC recorder of FreeBox streams. Only avalilable on GNU/Linux.
  • feedBox. a lightweight mediaplayer for FreeBox. It's cross platform.
  • popdown, a gtk popup menu launcher. Only avalilable on GNU/Linux.
  • yserv, a simple commandline to serve on-demand files thru a http server.
  • Totem plugin Flux, Easy access to some french streams thru totem.
  • GG, a builder tool for the google's Go language.
  • autowifi, gtk/app which try to authent automatically on wifi hotspots with web-based authentification.
  • freetp, gtk/app to upload files/folders to
  • pyplaydar, a content resolver system, which implements playdar's protocol in pure python.

Libs :

  • Grun, a python module to turn methods into GUI forms.
  • Wobpy, A sort of ajax framework letting you code your webform like you code your gtk application in python
  • AEWeb, A wrapper around webapp/GAE.
  • AEX, a simple lib to export/import GAE models thru xml serialization.
  • py2deb, a python module to easily create a debian package and its frontend py2deb-gtk.
  • GladeApp, a class to help you to developp Pygtk Application with Glade interface.

Websites :

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