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Last edition : 2009/05/01 09:50


A simple commandline to serve on-demand files thru a builtin http server. Just give files you want to serve to yserv, and it will act as an http server, letting people download your files during the session : just send them the given url ! yserv is cross platform, and should work where python works. Licensed under gpl v2 terms.

Examples :

$ yserv your_folder/

It will zip your folder, and will give you an url to retrieve it. Just send this url to your friends, and they could download your folder as a zip.

But you can pass many files too :

$ yserv your_folder/ a_file a_file2

It will create an archive.zip that could be downloaded at the given url.

To finnish your server, just hit CTRL-C in your terminal (or close it).

Features :

  • retrieve your public IP
  • show when your client has finnished his download.
  • automatic zip when many files
  • able to find a free port (start at 8080)

Download sources

Or just install it with Pypi :

$ easy_install yserv

it will install the command yserv in your path

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