some news ;-)
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back 2023/11/05 12:42

some news ;-)

It makes a long time ;-)

Currently, I'm becoming a mojo addict ... And updated my sudoku tests with mojo/rust/c versions, to compare them. And I've created my first mojo issue ;-) I'm really thinking that can be the future of python programming.

htag is nearly ok for its 1.0 version. Its new web runner : htagweb works as well, but need polish ! I use it already, but want to migrate this host to full htag with htagweb soon ...

I'm developping a lot of htag's apps (the latest, is a gui for python/profiler named ppviz available on pypi) ...

I'd like to make a jbrout htag version, but I definitly have no times for that. And I believe than the best solution should be to make something like "beets" (for audio), but for photos. And startup a htag frontend. But no times, and I appreciate the "google photos" (while i'm interested in immich solution)

And since some months, I'm became a Nock addict too (vr/sport). It takes me a lot of time, but it's very very addictive ;-). You can find me here, every day ;-)

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