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back 2010/05/14 11:26

Snippets offline and Html5

I'm a big fan of snippets concepts ;-). I'd always used snippets web sites. I'd started with dzone. I'd switched to But this last one is dead ... and I'd switched to, which is a great service (with lot of external tools, and great api). But I always needed to developp my own backends, to use them offline (komodo snippets file, gsnip (popup menu for inserting snippets in an editor), html file, xmpp/mail bot...).

Now, it's over ;-) I had switched to my own, which is a app engine website, which works online and offline, and sync enabled (thanks to newest html5 features). No need to say that it fits my needs. My snippets will always be available, at least, for me ;-) ... There is now a "snippets link" at the bottom of my website.

I don't know if I will get the force to make it available for everyone too. But it's perfect for me.

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