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back 2012/07/03 14:57

Shaarli APK

I was a big fan of in the past. When yahoo decided to shutdown it : I moved to diigo, like a lot of users.

For 3 months, I moved all to Shaarli, which is the same thing, but without the social bookmarking side. Shaarli is perfect in many points (like many products of sebsauvage, which is a python fan, like me ;-) ) !

Being a happy user of an android device, I really needed an way to bookmark links in shaarli, from my device. In less than one hour, I reach to produce an apk heavily based on this tutorial, without having done any android application before (just to say, that android dev is really easy). The app seems to do the job, and is available from a sebsauvage post, you can grab it here.

It is the first release that I sent to Sebsauvage. I don't make any updates since that day. I don't know how many shaarli's users use it. I don't see any evolutions to do (but perhaps you ?). It's free, and not available from the google play store (but perhaps one day, coz' I plan to take an account for my others apks).

It's really simple : run the app to configure your main shaarli'url. At the first share (*), shaarli will ask your account before posting. Next shares will bring you immediatly on the post page.

(*): It uses the share hook system of android's os. At any place where you can share an url, shaarli should appear in the sharing list.

Tags: android
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