I'am a nexus guy now
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back 2012/11/18 09:51

I'am a nexus guy now

After buying a nexus 7 at the end of the summer. I'm now an happy user of the nexus 4. A great phone from Google, with a poor battery life (my Acer metal liquid was better). But I presume/hope it's a software trouble, because the optimus lg has not this trouble. Despite this, the android experience can't be better: the phone is marvelous. And android 4.2 is great, the new keyboard with swipe feature is perfect (this is typed from my n7). The nexus 4 is a lot faster than the 7: amazing. But I think I will root it to be able to decrease the power of the processor, to gain more juice :-) I really don't need all this power. I will wait for 4.2.1, to see if it's better. And continue to test software tricks.

Tags: android
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