Flash will die ... long live to html5 ;-)
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back 2010/04/15 16:36

Flash will die ... long live to html5 ;-)

These last days, I'm playing a lot with HTML5 features. And I really believe/hope that Adobe Flash will die. Some news like that or that go in the same way. Video platforms are on the good way, see youtube or dailymotion!

Try theses experiments in compatible browsers, or this wonderful NES emulator in full javascript ... Everything seems possible : quake2 in html5 browsers !

Websocket, webworkers and offline features are others great html5 features, to be able to replace flash ! (others html5 features on html5demos)

I play a lot with websockets in eventlet, but nothing to present here, because I'm waiting for the GAE support ;-) (don't want to setup an external websocket server). But it's really amazing to be able to communicate in the 2 ways !

I've made a little game : cavepilot using canvas (my record is 44seconds, and yours ?)! In the future, I'd like to make it two players with websocket support.

And a fun thing to make orbits !!!

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